The Hagar Home: A place of refuge, healing & hope for those fleeing polygamy and Mormon Fundamentalism.  A safehouse ministry of A Shield and Refuge Ministry.

About Us...

The Hagar Home is a ministry vision of A Shield and Refuge Ministry, which was founded in 2007 as a Christian outreach to the Mormon Fundamentalist (polygamist) community.

Under the direction of Doris Hanson, a former Mormon Fundamentalist from a Utah-based polygamous sect, A Shield and Refuge Ministry provides hands-on assistance to those who have fled, or are seeking to separate from a Fundamentalist group or polygamous lifestyle.

We recognize that many of the people who are involved in polygamy feel trapped, and often live under harsh oppression and unthinkable abuse. We want to communicate that THERE IS A WAY OUT, and we will help you find it.

A Shield and Refuge Ministry is committed to:

  • Facilitating a safe escape from potentially dangerous or abusive polygamous situations

  • Providing for immediate needs (food, shelter, safety) of refugees

  • Protecting the identity and location of escapees from would-be pursuers

  • Providing, and coordinating with other service providers, for long-term and special
    needs (education, counseling, guidance, life skills training; social, legal, and medical services)

  • Providing comprehensive spiritual support and centered upon a biblically-based, authentic faith in Jesus Christ*

* A Shield and Refuge Ministry provides assistance regardless of the religious convictions (or lack thereof) or spiritual status of escapees. While the biblical gospel is at the heart of our ministry, and we desire to share the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ with those we assist, we do NOT "force religion" on anyone, nor require any sort of religious confession, activity, or commitment as a prerequisite for receiving assistance from us.

The Hagar Home: A Vision in Progress

Currently the "Hagar Home" as a stand-alone facility is in the vision & planning stage. We have been exploring several potential properties, both large and small, that could serve the needs of those fleeing Mormon Fundamentalism, and expect to have a facility available in the near future.

At present, when shelter and living quarters are required by escapees, we make arrangements with private homes or other options on a case-by-case basis. For more information on the progress of the Hagar Home vision, visit our "update" page.

The long-range goal for the Hagar Home is a facility or facilities that:

  • Are safe, protected, secure, and comfortable
  • Will house several families at once, with private living quarters
  • Have common areas for education, work skills and life skills training, guidance, recreation, Bible studies and spiritual enrichment
  • Will be staffed day and night by caring, trained and equipped personnel

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