The Hagar Home: A place of refuge, healing & hope for those fleeing polygamy and Mormon Fundamentalism.  A safehouse ministry of A Shield and Refuge Ministry.

Why do we request confirmation of identity?

We understand that many well-meaning people may wish to use the "Free DVD" form to request an item to be sent to someone else--often anonymously. We are glad to send a copy of the DVD to anyone who requests it from us directly. If, however, you would like to give away or send copies of the DVD to people that you know, we ask that you help us by covering the expense of that. We provide the DVDs at cost with this in mind. Please understand that our budget is limited, and so we want to make sure that any materials we send out are wanted and welcome.

What you CAN do (in fact we encourage it!) is to spread the word--send the "Free DVD" link to anyone you think might be interested. If they are, then they can request a copy for themselves.

We make the DVDs available at cost ($1.50 each), so you can have some on hand to give away or send to people that you know.

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